About us

The Homely Cuisine from South India

When the like-minded food lovers with exceling cooking skills, from South Indian states Kerala and Tamil Nadu, met together and shared about their common dream and aspiration of serving Authentic South Indian food, there emerged the ‘Curry Leaves’ team.

The pioneers of ‘Curry Leaves’ bears four years of successful track record of Food Catering, Cake Designing, and even being instructors to teach the South Indian cooking. And finally we set to start a café&restauarant with the moto of Authenticity, Quality and Hospitality.

The name “Curry Leaves” is based on the very famous shrub or small tree native to South India, the leaves of which are widely used locally in cooking. Curry leaves brings unique aroma and taste to the foods, as well as it has notable health benefits owing to its medicinal qualities.

We would bring you the unique taste of South Indian dishes let it be snacks, sweets, deserts, starters, breads and curries.

We, the “Curry Leaves” team is pledged to bring the authenticity and Quality of South Indian food, with the ‘omotenashi’ spirit matching to Japan “the Land of Rising Sun”.

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